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WiConnect Cable TV

Dairyland Cable Systems Inc is now WiConnect Cable

WiConnect Wireless is proud to provide Cable TV Service to the following Communities:

CommunityMonthly PricingYearly Pricing
Loganville WI $54.10 $541.00
Bagley WI $54.10 $541.00
Seneca WI $54.10 $541.00
Eastman WI $54.10 $541.00
Mt Sterling WI $54.10 $541.00
Lynxville WI $54.10 $541.00


When You  Bundle Internet You Get $5 off from your Monthly Pricing

We also provide specialized Cable TV and Internet services to several RV parks in the communities Below

 Park Name   
Jays Landing-Eastman WI   
Mississippi Bend-Bagley WI   
River of Lakes   
Little K Campground   

**additional $35 Installation fee applies for Servcies installed for less than 6 months