Referral Program

WIConnect Wireless Referral Program

Our new referral program allows current customers to refer friends and neighbors through our website. Simply enter your referrals’ contact information into the availability tool. When you input their information, make sure that you add your email address as the referral email address, since that is how we track the status of each referral. You will be notified when the referral has WIConnect Wireless service installed, and you will see a credit on your next bill. If you are having trouble inputting data, please contact us and we will go through the process with you. For every new customer that you refer, you will be credited $50 toward your account once the referral has received service, and the friend or neighbor that you referred will also receive $50 off their initial installation fee. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Thank you for using WIConnect Wireless as your Internet Service Provider!


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