Managed Home Network

Managed Router Service

Many issues we have seen with customer service are related to the customers internal wireless network. We have implemented a managed wireless service that allows us to manage and monitor your internal network. The service is offered at $5 per month with a $55 setup fee. This alerts our Network Operations Center when there is an issue with your internal router. You can call for help and support from everything to wireless connectivity issues to password changes. 

With the power of WiFi 6, Vilo 6 can reach ultra fast speeds all while handling more than 100 devices from every corner of your home.
The Vilo Mesh WiFi System is an easy-to-use, secure, and affordable WiFi solution for everyday home use. A subscriber's network can be set up in a matter of minutes and is easily controlled from a smart phone via the Vilo app. Vilo's mesh routers offer whole-home coverage and can connect to over one hundred devices at a time. The Vilo ISP Management Portal allows service providers to provision, monitor, and manage their subscribers' WiFi experience from anywhere.

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