Managed Home Network

Managed Router Service

Many of the issues that we have seen with customer service are related to the customers internal wireless network. We have implemented a managed wireless service that allows us to manage and monitor your internal network. The service is offered at $5 per month with a $55 setup fee. This alerts our Network Operations Center when there is an issue with your internal router. You can call for help and support from everything to wireless connectivity issues to password changes. Call us to add this service or visit this information page for more info Click Here


  • Ultra low cost of operation
  • Flexible and powerful two-way configuration
  • Bulk firmware management
  • Alerts and monitoring
  • Live device status and statistics
  • Multi-cloud and multi-site capable
  • Mobile friendly UI
  • Safe and secure


  • View all your currently connected devices from one spot
  • View the signal strength going to each device
  • View the throughput speed and data usage of each device individually
  • View your WIFI password easily and securely from the cloud
  • Create multiple SSID connections from one router
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