My Internet is SLOW!

Does your internet seem really slow, or do you experience times where your internet connection seems to ‘drop?’ There are several factors that can affect these speeds.

Do you have an internal wireless network in your home?  If possible, disconnect from that wireless network, and plug your computer straight into your router using a Cat 5 patch cable. If the speed problem persists, try running this DSL speed test.

Please keep in mind that network congestion, the number of users online, and many other factors can change and congest network flow. Evenings, weekends, and other popular relaxation times are the worst for network congestion, as everyone is trying to get online at the same time. If you run this speed-test, and get a reading that is below 56Kb/s, please call into our office to create a support ticket.  Be prepared to provide us with the name listed on the account, your address, and any other pertinent information. We will investigate your case as soon as possible.


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