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Fast. Reliable. Free Internet Service

Wiconnect Wireless has always been innovators and pioneers. We've worked with great leaders and our innovations will keep you connected to today's technologies. We're a unique, locally, owned rural wireless internet provider and have been in business providing internet service in the rural area for over 17 years. We leverage on existing infrastructures, such as farmer's silos.

We are dedicated to serving communities and will prioritize rural areas where we see a significant demand. Our wireless network aims to reach underserved residents and businesses, offering a service that can support numerous residents with your help.

To ensure financial sustainability, Wiconnect Wireless will finance installing our equipment on your silo and/or high structures.

Many farmers have chosen this opportunity and for a good reason. By allowing us to install our equipment on your silo, you will receive many great benefits. We currently are hosting over 270 sites throughout Southwestern, Wisconsin.

* Free high-speed internet, literally at your doorstep.
* Being cost-effective and reliable internet to your community.
* Assist providing your local community with staying economically vibrant.
* Zero out of pocket costs

"Creating value for farmers is at the core of what we do. When value is clear making decisions becomes easier and the only way to understand value is to experience it yourself."

If interested, please email or call us at 608-524-1579 for further details and questions.

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