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Here at Wiconnect Wireless we’ve always been innovators and pioneers. We’ve worked with great leaders and our innovation will keep you ahead in the area of technology and strength. We’re a unique, locally-owned rural wireless internet service provider. We leverage on existing infrastructures, such as farmer’s silo’s or any other possibilities, as towers to provide internet solutions to the rural areas across Southwestern, Wisconsin communities. We’re locally, owned and operated that refuses to outsource our calls overseas or remote call centers.

Wiconnect Wireless guarantees your satisfaction with our services provided. We are committed to providing reliable internet speeds and performance that aren’t attainable through other wireless services currently available, including cellular wireless and satellite services. Even more, we appreciate your commitment to helping us help you, and other surrounding community members with the help of using your silo, or any other high infrastructures. We COULDN’T Do It Without the HELP from the FARMERS!!

Creating value for the farmers is at the core of what we do. When value is, clear making decisions becomes easier and the only way to understand value is to experience it yourself.”

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