Competition Comparison

WIConnect WIConnect LTE Cellular Satellite
Latency ~40ms ~40ms ~160ms >640ms
Typical Max Speeds 3Mb/s 10Mb/s 2Mb/s 8Mb/s
Video Streaming accept accept
Gaming Support accept
No Contracts accept accept
Monthly Bandwidth Allowance Unlimited Watch All Day Unlimited Watch All Day 14GB ~3.5 Movies* 15GB ~4 Movies*
Local Support accept accept
Average Use Cost** $59.99/mo $59.99/mo $120.00/month $79.99/month
*Calculated with an average 2 hr HD movie download.  **Calculated by what the average home would use for internet bandwidth.
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As we're all experiencing the difficult times due to the COVID-19 paramedic and relying on the network more than ever, we would like to inform you that we will be upgrading the Lone Rock tower and internet connection this coming Wednesday the 8th and Thursday the 9th. Therefore, there will be internet interruptions for up to 2 hours each day. We profusely apologize for any inconvenience and the sacrifices needed. This will effect anyone in the Lone Rock, Spring Green, and Bear Valley area. Thank you for your patience and loyalty through these chaotic times.