Fiber Internet Coming Soon!!

  Fiber Internet COMING SOON to  Seneca WI,  Ithaca WI, and surrounding areas!

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that we have started our Fiber internet and Digital TV upgrades and would like to offer you a special opportunity to connect to our new Fiber Internet with no installation fees.

If you signup for new fiber internet service before July 1, 2020 we will waive the 250 installation fee for new fiber internet customers.

Please call now and reserve your installation date starting on July 1, 2020.

608-524-1579  for more information.

30mbps X15mbps

Fiber Internet
$ 63 Monthly
  • W/Voice$75.11

60mbps X 30mbps

Fiber Internet
$ 73 Monthly
  • W/Voice $85.11

120mbps X 60mbps

Fiber Internet
$ 83 Monthly
  • W/Voice $95.11

200mbps X 100mbps

Fiber Internet
$ 93 Monthly
  • W/Voice $105.11

500mbps X 250mbps

Fiber Internet
$ 130 Monthly
  • W/Voice $142.11

1Gb X 500mbps

Fiber Internet
$ 200 Monthly
  • W/Voice $212.11
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9 thoughts on “Fiber Internet Coming Soon!!

  • Kevin Hauser

    Hi Dave,
    I got your letter and a letter from LaValle Telephone Co-op within a couple days of each other. Is this a collaboration, or are you both courting the same market? Will this eliminate the wireless? What about pricing, would it be similar to what I currently have?
    Lots of questions, would love to chat.

      • admin

        Hello Vicky,
        Thank you for reaching out. Yes we have Wireless service in the rural Bascobel area.
        Please use our website under Availability to see if you are close to our towers in the area.
        If you need any help with that please call us at (608) 524-1579, we will love to help you.
        Thank you

  • Sharon Long

    I live at 24298 Cty Hwy Z Richland Center and was wondering if you plan on or already have internet service in that area.

  • Juli Thompson

    How far out will this service extend beyond Ithaca? We live on Wheat Hollow and would be interested in hearing more about this. Thank you.


    Will the new fiber internet be available to us? Our address is:
    31058 Jaquish Hollow Road
    Ithaca, Wi
    I am wondering if the new fiber internet is availavle with vacation mode?
    Jane Shehan

    • admin

      Hello Tom,
      Thank you for contacting us. Where in Woodman are you looking to get service?
      Please use our mapping system to see the closest tower. If you need any help with that please call us at 608-524-1579
      Thank you!

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FIBER INTERNET coming to Seneca WI and Ithaca WI and surrounding areas!! For more information, please call our office today (608) 524-1579  click here