Custom Built Gaming PC’s

If you are looking for the fastest and most powerful PC, we can build that. If you just want something that allows you to play with your friends, and fit into a budget, we can build that too. We are experienced professionals that look to find a solution that fits YOUR gaming needs. Our gaming PCs are built to meet the needs of each customer individually. If you are only gaming in 1080p, you may not need to spend the extra money on the highest end parts. If you are gaming in 4K with maximum visuals, then you will want to consider a higher end graphics card, “or two graphics cards.” Even accessories you will need such as controllers and sound cards are different for each customer’s needs. If you want “immersive”, “realistic”, sound, you will want a surround sound system. If you tend to wear a headset most of the time, it may be worth getting a wireless headset. If you are a racing enthusiast, you may want to consider a force feedback steering wheel. Even the size and quality of the case is important, due to environmental and heat dissipation factors. We are here to help find the best solution for you, call us today!

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